Removing WIndow Tint

The Tint Effect expert Window tint removal service:

We offer an expert car window tint removal services which employ specialized tools to soften and remove old window tint and the glue. When removing window film from the glass, the top layer will usually pull right off, leaving all the glue behind. The glue layer will not easily peel off and will need a professional to remove. The Tint Effect installers are specially trained for removing window tint.

Removing Window Tint Yourself:

In addition to cosmetic damage that could result from a DIY window tint removal project, removing window tint involves risk of more permanent damage to your vehicle. Attempting to remove auto window tint yourself will likely damage your defroster lines which will disable your entire back window defroster. To avoid these pitfalls of removing automotive window tint, The Tint Effect trained technicians are available to affordably remove window tint without causing any damage to these devices. Call us (801)255-5524 today for a tint removal quote.