Automotive Window Tint Installation Kit

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All the tools you will need for automotive window film installation.

This window film installation kit includes:

• (1) Spray Bottle: for installation/cleaning solution
• (1) **44ml Johnson's Baby Shampoo: to make installation fluid and window cleaning solution
• (1) Scrub Pad: for window cleaning
• (1) Conquerer Squeegee: for tint installation and tucking film behind rubber seals
• (1) Blue Card: for tint edge carding after installation
• (1) Hard Card: used during heat shrinking to card out fingers prior to installation
• (1) Stainless Steel Razor Blade: for window cleaning (Scrap up & down in vertically rows on the glass, not horizontally)

*Note: tool colors may vary
**For contaminant free tint installation you will also need Distilled water to make your installation fluid.